Ruthenate protein stain

The Grouchybeast thegrouchybeast at
Tue Jun 25 10:57:49 EST 2002

I'm trying to make up a batch of Ruthenium bathophenanthroline
dusulphonate cheltate protein stain for staining 2D gels.  The method
is given in Rabilloud et al, Proteomic 2001 (1).

We're getting problems of weak staining and high background.  Diluting
out the stain reduces background and staining equally.

At the end of the synthesis, we have a grainy black precipitate left
in the flask.  I appears as though the ruthenate salt is not
dissolving.  I got in touch with one of the authors of the paper, and
he said that they've never had a precipitate, so he can't help me.

I'm at a loss to explain how I
Has anyone else tried to make this stain, and if so, does anyone have
any helpful hints.

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