ethanol/isopropanol precipitation

Adrian Molenaar adrian.molenaar at
Tue Jun 25 21:25:15 EST 2002

For results, try the Focus article (GibcoBRL Invitrogen) Ethanol
precipitation of DNA 1985 vol 7 No.4 pg 1. which shows that centrifugation
time is the crucial factor, not low temp or long preincubation.


Jens Meyer <jmeyer1 at> wrote in message
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> hello!
> I'm looking for an article that explains the theoretical background of
> precipitating DNA with ethanol or isopropanol. I looked it up in several
> books like Molecular cloning und Short protocols in molecular biology
> but didn't find what I was looking for. Has anyone an idea?
> Thanks in advance
> Jens
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