Warren Gallin wgallin at
Thu Jun 27 14:45:46 EST 2002

The Ouchterlony Double Diffusion test is nicely described in a PDF
manual for a commercial kit, that gives all the basics:

It is a relatively cheap, semi-quantitative way of detecting antibody
reactivity, and also can give you information on relative specificities
of different antibodies against a single antigen or various antigens
tested against a single antibody.

Not particularly sensitive, and is based on immunoprecipitation, so only
works with a polyclonal antibody.

Warren Gallin

Philipp Wechner wrote:
> It is called Ochterlony-Test. Be sure not to have too high % of agarose and enough time!
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> mjohnson at schrieb:
> > I am trying to perform a simple method to detect antigen-antibody binding.  I thnk it's called Ochto-Learney, where I place the antibody in one plug and the antigen in another, both in an agar plate. It didn't work the first time, does anyone have any suggestions about concentration, etc?
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