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: this plant contains a
: high quantity of  phenol and other substances, we think that this
: Lorena

Hello Lorena
I have been working with vitis which also has high phenolic and acidic 
The best DNA isolation technique I have found for vitis is a modified 
version from "An improved procedure for the isolation of nuclear DNA from 
leaves of wild grapevine dried with silica gel" by Wang, Wang and Zou.  I 
use this technique on fresh leaf tissue because vitis DNA breaks down no 
matter how I dry my leaf tissue.

I don't know what type of tissue you are isolating DNA from or how it has 
been treated, but another idea is from Hong Lin and M. Andrew Walker, 
"Extracting DNA from cambium tissue for analysis of grape rootstocks", 
HortScience 32 (7): 1264 - 1266, 1997.

I hope this helps
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