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> We're looking for an inexpensive scanner.  My problem is that critical
> information seems to be hard to find in the ads for various models:
> Specifically, how large a transparency will it scan?  (Some otherwise
> fine-seeming scanners turn out to only scan up to 5 x 7 transparencies.
> We need 8 x 10, at least, so we can scan in autorad films.)
I was also working for print media and I can recommend you a Microtek
Scanmaker 4 with the professional Scan-Software Silverfast and sometimes
with an IT8-Calibration-Set. It has 600dpi and I think a dynamic range of
D3.4. It's an older model, but it's still a great Prepress-scanner. You will
probably find a store, selling it. A cheaper model is the heidelberg
Linoscan 1400, coming with the Linocolor lite Scan-Software.

Genya Yanagida

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