Adenoviruses mediated gene transfer

naser nhoti_99 at
Sun Mar 3 02:10:49 EST 2002

i am a student of PHD and working on the Adenoviruses mediaded cancer gene
therapy, I am using Adeasy system,i cloned my Gene of intrest and transfect
it into 293A cells, as the Virus have the GFP as a reporter Gene when i
observe it under the Florecent Microscope i have a very good GFP expression
but when i do the infection and observe the GFP, after even four to five
days, there is no GFP expression, Also the PCR is negative when i did it
will lysate and Supernatant so if some body can help me by giving me a
valuable suggestion i will be very much thank ful to him,
Date and Time£º2002-03-02 23:02:14 


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