Retrovirus with LTR-polyA-LTR = garbage?

Wolfgang Schechinger wolfsc at
Tue Mar 5 21:57:07 EST 2002

Nick wrote:
> the polyA a trac of polyA or the cis-element signalling for
> polyA'tion to occur?  My feeling is that a strech of A's will not affect the
> proper processing of the RNA and subsequent virus formation, but a cis-element
> will pretty much muck up virus construction.

Dear Nick,

it's SV40 poly A SIGNAL. AATAAA. 2 times. ouch!

what about other polyA signals frequently used like from bGH bovine growth 

Dr. Wolfgang Schechinger
Institute of Biomedical Sciences
Academia Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan R.o.C.


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