Retrovirus with LTR-polyA-LTR = garbage?

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Wed Mar 6 00:24:36 EST 2002

On 6 Mar 2002 02:57:07 -0000,
    "Wolfgang Schechinger" (wolfsc at wrote:

> it's SV40 poly A SIGNAL. AATAAA. 2 times. ouch!
> what about other polyA signals frequently used like from bGH bovine growth 
> hormone?

Same problem.  The bGH polyA signal is also strong.
Completion of retroviral reverse transcription requires
that polyadenylation occur only AFTER the U3 and R
sequences in the 3' LTR.

Reverse-transcription, integration and expression will
occur if your gene is inserted in the MCS with no polyA
signals between the end of your gene and 3' LTR.

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