Storing dNTPs at -70 or -20?

Mr JN Goulding jgouldin at
Wed Mar 6 05:50:18 EST 2002

The Pharmacia rep I knew confirmed this to me, and had checked the claims
out himself. From memory (it was a few years ago) he left the dNTPs at 37C
for 3 months, and seen no problem. My dNTPs often get left at 4C for days,
with no problem at all. Can't ever recall a PCR problem that was traced
back to dNTPs- which probably means that I'll start having them now :o)


On 4 Mar 2002, Michael L. Sullivan wrote:

> I agree with you Duncan, although I'd add that I've heard that it is also
> good to buffer dNTP stocks with a bit (5-10 mM) Tris, pH 7-8.  As I recall,
> some old pharmacia literature showed that dNTPs in solution were stable for
> months at 37 degrees, which is good for those of us who sometimes forget
> and leave stuff out overnight.
> Mike
> >
> >You should always store dNTPs as liquid not solid. In solid form,
> >according to very old Pharmacia catalogues, they undergo a
> >disproportionation reaction which means you get increasing levels of
> >dNDP and dNMP at a surprisingly high level (1-2% per week).
> >
> >I have always stored dNTPs stocks, by the hundreds of mls at 100mM, at
> >-20C (frost free!) and never had a problem in years.
> >
> >Duncan
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> >The problem with being on the cutting edge is that you occasionally get
> >sliced from time to time....
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