Dead stab culture - what to do?

Cornelius Krasel krasel at
Wed Mar 6 10:41:31 EST 2002

I seem to have a dead stab culture (at least I didn't manage to get
any colonies from it by taking out some agar and spreading it on a
plate) from which I would like to recover the plasmid somehow.

According to the label, the E. coli strain is BL21 and the stab is
around three years old. Unfortunately, it does not seem to be possible
to obtain some plasmid from elsewhere. Therefore I wonder whether
it is possible to yield some plasmid from the stab. I have found a
very vague reference to the BioTechniques journal, but I would like
to avoid searching all issues if possible. Therefore, if anyone can
give a more detailed reference or (even better) a method for
the purification of plasmids from stab cultures, I would be very
happy :-)


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