Zinc with NTA resin

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Fri Mar 8 12:26:44 EST 2002

"Peter Cherepanov" <peter.cherepanov at uz.kuleuven.ac.be> wrote:
>>According to the QIAexpressionist manual NTA "occupies four of the six
>>ligand binding sites".

> and it is for Nickel,  I suppose?

Oops - you're right. It's for Nickel - I missed the word Zink - sorry.

>>And just out of personal experience: Nickel-NTA resin works fine for
>>purification of His6 tagged proteins - in fact it's probably the most
>>commonly used technique...

> for His-tagged may be yes, but metal chelation may be used for purification
> of very many native proteins (I mean without His tag); literature examples
> are interferons (Zn and Cu), hGH (Cu), phosphoproteins (Fe) and so on. Every
> such protein preffers a particular metal. Nickel isnt a particularly common
> one in those cases ...

True aswell. 

> (Unless someone tried it already (Zn on NTA), I do not want to waste time).

Nope - haven't tried that and don't know if anyone has... 
Hope someone else here can help with that.


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