methylation AFLP?

Jennifer Waters jlw92 at
Fri Mar 8 14:33:23 EST 2002

I came across an interesting paper the other day (Vuylsteke et al. 1999 Two
high-density AFLP linkage maps of Zea mays: analysis of distribution of AFLP
markers.  TAG 99:921-935).  A part of this paper attempted to track the
inheritance of methylation by using sets of methylation sensitive and
insensitive endonucleases in their AFLP protocol.  They reference their own
work (simply saying "submitted") to detail the development of a technique
they call Methylation AFLP.  I cannot find that paper anywhere, though.  It
makes we wonder if it was never accepted.  Does anyone know about such a
method and what the technique involved? Thanks


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