Problems with compDNA

knud kknald at
Wed Mar 13 11:20:29 EST 2002

Hi Peter.
Great idea! This could work out just fine.Thanks for your help.

"Peter Ianakiev" <ianakiev at> skrev i en meddelelse
news:3C8F6C71.36952872 at
> Hi Mads
> Make your PCR with phosphorylated primer on the strand that you want to
get rid
> from. Then use Lambda exonuclease. Some companies (NEB) sell this as a
tool for
> ssDNA preparation for sequencing. I haven't tried this, but it may work
for your
> needs.
> Peter Ianakiev
> knud wrote:
> > Hi
> > Do anybody know how to get rid of the complementary DNA strand after
> > upper strand is Biotinylated, and I would be really happy to get rid of
> > non biotinylated complementary strand since it is causing me trouble in
> > DNA:DNA hybridization. Is there somekind of Matrix I can use??? Thanks
> > advance.
> > Mads Hollegaard

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