methylation AFLP?

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Wed Mar 13 15:42:01 EST 2002

Hi Jennifer
AFLP was first descriebed by Vos et al, 1995,
An ok article with a description of methylation AFLP can be found on:
I hope that it helped.
Mads hollegaard

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> I came across an interesting paper the other day (Vuylsteke et al. 1999
> high-density AFLP linkage maps of Zea mays: analysis of distribution of
> markers.  TAG 99:921-935).  A part of this paper attempted to track the
> inheritance of methylation by using sets of methylation sensitive and
> insensitive endonucleases in their AFLP protocol.  They reference their
> work (simply saying "submitted") to detail the development of a technique
> they call Methylation AFLP.  I cannot find that paper anywhere, though.
> makes we wonder if it was never accepted.  Does anyone know about such a
> method and what the technique involved? Thanks
> <>

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