Transfection without cytotoxicity

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>>appears to be causing almost as much death as the test transfection (which
>>seems to be considerable).  I think that is most probably caused by the
>>transfection reagent I am using (Lipofectamine 2000).
>I found Lipofectamine 2000 to be extremely toxic, though of course the 
>manufacturer claims it's lovely and mild and refreshing.  I don't know of 
>any transfection reagent or protocol that is completely non-toxic (though 
>some virus-mediated delivery systems may come close; but those tend to be 
>much more work to construct the vector).  I've had good luck with Roche's 
>Fugene6, and the Mirus line of TransIT have also seemed fairly non-toxic.  

I've had good luck with LF2000 but I've found I needed to titrate DNA
and reagent amounts for each cell line to find an optimal
expression:death ratio.


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