Multichannel pipettes frustration!

Duncan Clark junk at
Fri Mar 15 09:14:19 EST 2002

Historians believe that in newspost <a6sjld$mcl$1 at> 
on Fri, 15 Mar 2002, BL <lo1 at> penned the following literary 
>1) draws the same volume into every tip, every time?

Then you need positive displacement so you can at least guarantee that 
whatever is drawn up gets pushed out.

Standard air displacement Gilsons are fine and do not leak if maintained 
properly and the right tips are used.

Unfortunately people are careless. Why I have no idea given that they 
are the main tool we all use. I bet you can go into most labs and find 
umpteen dead pipettes in a draw, including Gilsons.

The problem with being on the cutting edge is that you occasionally get
sliced from time to time....

Duncan Clark
GeneSys Ltd.

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