Coelenterazine and Benzyl Coelentereazine & Newer GFP and Luciferases

Bruce Bryan, MD bruce at
Sat Mar 16 10:55:20 EST 2002

Please click the following link if you want CHEAP coelenterazine and
luficerins along with brighter luciferases by 100's of times the
turnover of Renilla luciferase, brighter than any known cloned
luciferase, it is small 18.5KW and stable. (for Coelenterazine and

Please feel free to upload the technical data PDF files for more
information:, nanolights are luciferases, nanofules are
luciferins and Nanofluors are GFPs' by there are three time more
absorptive than any known GFP and higher molar extinction

Bruce Bryan, MD

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