Multichannel pipettes frustration!

Maarten de Smit desmit at
Sun Mar 17 00:42:58 EST 2002

Hi. In my experience much depends on the brand of tips that you use. I found
in a drawer an old multichannel pipette that seemed completely useless. I
then contacted our supplier of pipette tips and asked them to send me
samples of all types of yellow tips they have. From those I selected one
type that worked and I'm now using the old beast happily and without


"BL" <lo1 at> wrote in message
news:a6sjld$mcl$1 at
> Can anyone recommend a brand of multichannel pipetter that:
> 1) draws the same volume into every tip, every time?
> 2) does not require hand tightening in order to achieve 1)
> 3) eject the tips easily?
> I am getting very frustrated with the Anachem ones that we have. One of
> tips usually doesn't draw up the full volume if I just tap the pipetter
> tips without hand tightening. Then I have to force all the tips out after
> using. By the time I get to the third box of tips, my arms start to ache
> continue for a further 3 days! Thanks for any suggestion.

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