Dialysis: how to avoid volume increase?

Peter Cherepanov peter.cherepanov at uz.kuleuven.ac.be
Mon Mar 18 15:36:50 EST 2002

Does anyone know how to avoid increase in sample volumes during dialysis?
Anything better then PEG (polyethylen glycol)????

My problem is ethylen glycol (from "hydrophobic elution"), if I want to get
rid of it by dialysis, sample volume increases greatly, the dialysis bag
swells to its maximum possible size, I even think it can explode if I inject
more sample in it. Concentration of EG at start is around 35%.

Now I am trying to dialyse first against PBS (it swells like creazy, I new
it!), then PBS+10% PEG (still waiting to see it shrinking...)

Another question - will there be a problem with PEG-8000 if I use membrane
of 10k cut-off, any bad experiences?
(PEG is a linear polymer, the reall cut-offs of the membranes should be
smaller for such molecules then for globular proteins, at least it is what I
think ... ).



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