Transfection without cytotoxicity

Paul Paul at
Tue Mar 19 01:38:33 EST 2002

Dear All on this thread

We are currently working to get our promotional material online regards the
rAVE, recombinant adeno-associated (AAV) vectors for gene delivery. In the
interim, for a brief background on the services we will be able to offer in
about a month.

Please see

and the associated links.

Regards the issues of preparing the vectors....we will do it all....we can
either incorporate a cDNA sent to us...or PCR the relevant gene for you. We
will then prepare the vector and package it in one of several rAAV serotypes
depending on your target cells/tissue....this service will take on average
about 3-4 weeks to turn around a cDNA.

We ship worldwide also......please email me if you have any specific
questions. Prices are pending but will be made available online as soon as

Information including protocols and the relevant publications citing the
rAVE vectors will appear online within about 2 weeks.

Anybody that has preliminary interest in our service, please email me



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