Centrifugal filters (sterile)

Emir Khatipov khatipovNO at NOuchicago.edu
Tue Mar 19 17:58:33 EST 2002

There are syringe filters with a very small dead volume. Check out e.g.
Whatman Cat # 6780-0402. They are basically of the size of a plastic part of
a needle.

"BL" <lo1 at ntlworld.com> wrote in message
news:a78fcs$rce$1 at pegasus.csx.cam.ac.uk...
> Does anyone know if centrifugal filters with cut offs of 0.22 micron and
> 0.45 micron exist? Ideally they would be like mini-prep cartridges with a
> filter membrane of 0.22/0.45 microns. I had a look at Millipore 's website
> but they don't do them. I want to use these because I want to filter small
> volumes (up to 2-3mLs) and I would lose too much by using syringe filters
> (dead volume). Preferably supplied sterile. Thanks.

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