Real-time PCR method for plant DNA

Wolfgang Schechinger wolfsc at
Sat Mar 23 08:33:57 EST 2002

Chris, you might ask the people from Roche, if asking medline or another 
database with something like "(arabidospis OR zea) AND ((light cycler) OR 
TaqMan)" doesn't give you the hits you need. 

In my experience, the Roche people are very friendly helpful and they also 
know a lot (was at least true for the LightCycler they have at UTuebingen's 
Med. Clinic IV).

In a LC meeting almost 2 years ago they thought of setting up something like 
an online user group, so you just might go to their website and have a look.

Basically, I wouldn't expect any difficulties as long you can get a cDNA prep 
that works in any standard PCR (LC PCR also uses normal ingredients, no magic 
except something that prevents sticking of DNA to the glass capillaries (guess 
what...). You'll probably have to adapt and optimize the method to the LC 

In finding the right genes as controls in case you don't use the FRET beacons 
you're the expert anyway. (No idea if actin and GAPDH work for plants...)



> I am searching for a real-time PCR method (TaqMan or SYBR Green, on ABI
> PRISM 7700) for plant DNA. Does anyone have some information about it ?
> Thank you. 
> <>

Dr. Wolfgang Schechinger
Institute of Biomedical Sciences
Academia Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan


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