PCR template quality??

Sergey V. Shulga-Morskoy TheMadScientific at peoplepc.com
Sat Mar 23 22:04:09 EST 2002

Wha kind of DNA template do you have?
If it is plasmid it will look like plasmid 8-). Supercoiled form have to be
in gel. If it is genomic DNA it is look like REALLY HIGH molecular weight
DNA, generally not less then 12-15 kB. I never run degraded DNA, but think
it should be smear on gel instead of laddering. By the way, "DNA laddering"
is attributed to apoptosis process.
Good luck,
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> How would one go about checking the quality of a DNA template via
> electrophoresis prior to using it for a PCR reaction?
> What should genomic DNA look like on a gel? Will it even migrate into
> the gel if it's supercoiled? If the template is degraded, will there
> be an obvious 'laddering' of the sample? How much does one load?
> Neal

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