GST Purification

Mark Olson ispep666 at
Tue Mar 26 03:04:25 EST 2002

ChenHA <hzhen at> wrote in message news:<3CA04060.DC2BFCE7 at>...
> Mark Olson wrote:
> > 
> > Actually, I ran a test sample using a 40kd cut off Millipore
> > centrifugal tube/filter. The SDS revealed the GST didn't go through,
> > it just stayed in solution with my fusion protein. I guess something
> > is preventing the GST from going through the membrane. I wonder if I
> > need to use a high salt buffer to spin the sample in.
> > 
> GST is a dimer.

So what kind of buffer would probably break the 50kd GST dimer? I was
thinking a high salt buffer would prevent the dimerization.

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