pIRES vectors

jeff j.f.keyser at netcourrier.com
Thu Mar 28 07:06:18 EST 2002

sun at mbasis.com (William Sun) wrote in message news:<AA2E93018EFBD411B16A00306E0052EA0C51A3 at meta4.mbasis.com>...
> Hi all
> has anyone used pIREShyg3 or pIRESneo3 vectors from clontech?  I tried to
> use them to express a gene of interest but none of the drug resistant
> colonies expressed my protein.  Can anyone recommend a bicistronic vector
> that DOES work?
> William Sun
> x3930
> ---

Try one of the Qbiogene vectors. I have expressed many proteins using
their bicitronic constructions.


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