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No disrespect intended, but under the context of "autoclave".....  are 
you serious???

Various cook books and about 20 years of doing 2-3 birds a year, 250F 
(Yes, if Farenheight exists on this sub) and about 22-25 minutes per 
pound.  Use a meat thermometer.   Is it stuffed?  Then 165 'F in the 
dressing or 175'F in the breast - you're done!  

Now... would "autoclaving" the bird keep it moist??  Hmmm...  gotta 
think about that one!!


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If everything seems to be going so well, you have obviously 
overlooked something. 

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> Just out of curiosity (this is the kind of question I wouldn't 
> dare ask my
> advisor), anyone know approximate cooking times for a 12-14lb turkey?


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