EtBr filters for ccd camera

Michael L. Sullivan mlsulliv at
Mon May 20 08:10:17 EST 2002

I've been using a regular digital camera to take pictures of EtBr 
stained gels on a UV light box.  I've been using no special filter 
with it.  Following taking the picture, I do a few manipulations in 
Adobe Photoshop Elements (i.e. I change the image to grayscale, use 
the "autolevels" setting-- which takes care of any contrast problems, 
and resize the image).  I've found this system to be working quite 
nicely, with pretty good image quality, even with relatively small 
amounts of DNA (e.g. a few ng).  Cheaper than a polaroid, and cheaper 
than commercial gel documentation systems.


>I intend to use a comercial ccd camera of about 3 million pixels to
>capture images of Ethidium bromide stained gels under UV, in a
>darkroom. I am having some problems to found filters outside of the
>expensive "gel imaging systems". Does any one can give me an advice
>about the paricular characteristics of these filters. What should be
>taken in consideration when comparing filters for conventional photo
>cameras and ccd cameras. Commercial references are welcome.
>Thanks in advance


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