Snail cDNA library

Michael L. Sullivan mlsulliv at
Tue May 21 08:55:49 EST 2002

I've made a few cDNA libraries using the ZAP cDNA synthesis kit from 
Stratagene (no affiliation).  This kit gave me very good results and 
I thought was easy to use.  Your cDNA ends up being in lambda ZAP, 
which is easily converted to pBluescript phagemids.  I made only one 
modification to their protocol, which was to use a Pharmacia SizeSep 
400 spin column for doing the size selection step.  The kit calls for 
5 ug of polyA RNA as starting material.

I think the kit costs about $1000 US, which includes reagents to make 
5 libraries as well as packaging extract.

Hope this helps.


>Hi everybody
>I need to make cDNA library of a snail. In case you
>have experience in making libraries, please inform me
>how to go about it. How much mRNA will be required to
>begin with? Names of companies providing good kits for
>making libraries. Or any companies which would make it
>and the putative cost. Any other relevant information
>will be highly appreciated.
>Bye for now,

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