gel filtration problem

Gregor Madej Gregor.Madej at
Fri Nov 1 21:27:20 EST 2002

how do you clean after using it?
my suggestion: with NaOH or GndHCl
how do you store?
my suggestion: cold with EtOH 20% or NaN3 without glycerol
buffer (salt?)?
and everything filtered and degassed!!!
look for growth. "Bacteria are resilient little suckers."
good luck ;-)

Carol Chihara wrote:

> We are using a Superdex column for protein MWs.  The column has a
> habit of working well for one or two runs then when it is closed off
> for a few days or a week it seems to be plugged up.  i.e. we do not
> get a good flow rate (or almost none at all).  Is there something we
> don't know?
> Any help will be appreciated.
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