Real time PCR endogenous controls

Elisabet Einarsdottir elisabet.einarsdottir at
Mon Nov 4 07:15:38 EST 2002

This is the single biggest problem in quantitative realtime PCR!
The choice of endogenous controls will vary completely depending on cell
Applied Biosystems has a ready-made plate with controls to test which one
might suit you. It's not anything close to free however...
Good luck!

<j.m.coxhead at> wrote in message
news:20021104120545.17408.qmail at
> I'm using quantitative real time PCR to investigate human colorectal cell
lines during the cell cycle. I'm having difficulty deciding on an
appropriate endogenous control. I need a control that is not influenced by
the cell cycle but is different to 18S and beta-actin. Any help or advice
would be much appreciated

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