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>Does anyone know of a plasticware supplier who makes a round bottom culture
>dish, say around 15-25 mm diameter. A multiwell format would be best, but
>otherwise any transparent plastic would do. I want something that will allow
>small eggs to collect in the centre, rather than a flat cell culture dish where
>they end up at the edges.
>Jeffrey Keen

Hei Jeffrey,

Must it be plastic/disposable?  You can get bits of glass with up to at
least 9 depressions (in a 3 x 3 grid) that are used (at least by fly
biologists) for doing stainings. I can't remember off hand where I got
mine, but I would start by looking in the histology section of some of
the bigger catalogues.

If you can't find them and a glass, non-disposable thing would do, let
me know and I'll try and dig out the supplier.


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