Differential Display for polyA and non-polyA mRNA

Chang Zhu czhu at changbioscience.com
Tue Nov 12 10:42:02 EST 2002

Chang Bioscience has developed a program for PCR profiling hundreds or
thousands of genes.  The principle is similar to Differential Display
but gives researchers better control over which genes to display.

The program works as the following:

1.	Giving a set of genes numbering from a few to thousands, the
program will find all potential 5’ and 3’ primers.
2.	It will analyze the primers to find common denominators, and then
predict a small number of degenerate primers that will match most
genes in the input data set.

The primers are longer and less degenerate compared to random primers,
which improves PCR efficiency. Non-polyA mRNA may also be displayed
with this approach. Although designed for large number of genes, small
number of genes may also be used for optimizing multiplex PCR.

The functional demo is at: 


If interested, please contact czhu at changbioscience.com



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