external control for RT-PCR

Tim none at none.com
Tue Nov 12 11:49:18 EST 2002

Hi Chunxin,

You don't mention the source of your RNA.  Some folks have demonstrated some
variability in HKG from different sources.  You might like to take a look
at: http://genomebiology.com/2002/3/7/research/0034.1.  Maybe this will

Tim Spahlinger

"Chunxin Wang" <cxwang at wam.umd.edu> wrote in message
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> Hi all,
> We're currently using actin as the external control for RT-PCR. For some
> reasons, we couldn't get stable results. It worked well sometimes and then
> didn't work at all. Or it preferentially gets amplified in a certain
> of tissues.
> Any suggestions on which gene is a better control? How about tubulin?
> Thanks!
> Black
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