missing alleles?

hannu turpeinen hannu.turpeinen at utu.fi
Wed Nov 13 05:46:31 EST 2002


Has any of you ever encountered such a problem: We typed a big series
of families for a SNP somewhere in genome using MegaBace's SnuPe Kit
(minisequencing). About 12 % of families turned to be somehow
problematic. It looked like that the child wouldn't belong to the
family, because the genotypes of parents and child didn't match. For
example a child of CC father and TT mother might have been CC or TT or
the child of CC father and CT mother might have been TT. The samples
haven't been mixed and the findings were repetead with sequencing with
2 different sequencers.

Has any of you any explanations for this? Or any suggestions what to
do to solve this problem?



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