missing alleles?

Dr N.I. Leaves nleaves at hgmp.mrc.ac.uk
Thu Nov 14 04:48:05 EST 2002

> 12%? a little low maybe but within the bounds of children sired by men
> not assumed to be their fathers. How many of your anomalous results have
> alleles not present in the mother? or are they all alleles not present
> in the father?

I doubt if this is due to bad paternity, although Peter's question would
give you a huge clue if it was. 12% bad paternity in a population sounds
believable but you've reached this level of detection with poorly
informative markers. This is more likely to be due to a failing on the
typing system leading to a preferential score for certain alleles.

Certainly if you are using conventional sequencing to type SNPs then I
would probably want to sequence both directions to be sure of any single
nucleotide. But conventional sequencing would be expensive for this...
I dont know anything about the Megabace kit. What do the Megabace people


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