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Is it possible that the prepared lambda DNA is contaminated with genomic
DNA from the host cells? Did you digest the cell lysate with DNase and
RNase before you pellet the lambda phages and extract the phage DNA?

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>>> "Ong" <boch19 at> 11/19/02 12:47pm >>>
the size of band is around 23kb. How can I ensure that is the DNA or
Thank for your help.

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> > Hi,
> >
> > I have extract out DNA from lambda 2001 (with insert), however
later I
> find
> > that it couldn't be cut w/ any enzyme to produce a clear band.
> > occur where the original band (lambda DNA) is still there. Any
> > suggestion??????????
> Are you sure you haven't extracted out RNA instead?  ;)

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