Universal Microarray

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Mon Nov 18 21:59:22 EST 2002

Dear All,

I am interested in the concept of Universal Microarray. But before I 
go for it I would like to know about the following points :

1.In Universal Microarray receptor molecules consists of target 
specific part and tag. Whether it can be generated by tagging one of 
the primer in the primer pairs in Multiplex PCR reaction for 
amplifying the Target sequences?

2.Is it feasible to  generate receptor molecule and amplified targets 
together in a Multiplex PCR reaction?I think that the tagged strand 
(sense/antisense) will serve as receptor molecule and  the 
complementary strand will serve as target. These tagged strands can 
be generated by tagging Multiplex primer for the strand which will 
form the target specific part of the receptor.

3.Target strand complementary to Tagged strand will have additional 
nucleotide sequence complementary to tag. Whether the target is 
subjected to some enzymetic treatment to remove the additional 
nucleotides or it can be used as such?

4.Is there any software for Universal Microarray?

It would be great to have contacts of researchers working with 
Universal Microarray.

Thanks in advance.

John Verner


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