Problem with Genetic Analyzer buffer for ABI 3100 3700

Eugene Kulikov eumenius at
Fri Nov 22 11:52:49 EST 2002

I found an exact recipe of this CE buffer. 10X contains 1M TAPS, 50 mM
EDTA, pH 7.9-8.3, conductivity about 8.5 mS. But... there is a
problem. While trying to adjust the pH to required (using TAPS-acid,
2Na-EDTA and either KOH or NaOH), I am getting it far too conductive!!
Could anyone suggest the right counterion, or point me to my fault? It
surely doesn't contain any TRIS, according to NMR spectra taken by me.
Also there is no organic bases like triethylamine or alike. I feel
really silly about the whole thing :)


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