wanted: info on old Spinco rotor

Wolfgang Schechinger hubahopp at gmx.de
Sat Nov 23 16:34:06 EST 2002


maybe you're lucky reconstructing the parameters from a publication that
used the rotor? Or have a look into a standard  book on ultracentrifugation
(like Ultracentrifugation, a practical approach from Oxford University
Press. Your library should stock it.)



At 05:06 PM 2002/11/22 -0500, Kyle Legate wrote:
>Hi, I wonder if someone with some _old_ lab equipment can help me out. I'm
>looking for spec info on the Spinco SW-39 rotor. It holds ~5 ml/tube and
>I'm assuming it's functionally equivalent to Beckman's SW-55 rotor, but I
>want to make sure before I overspin/underspin all my samples. What I am
>trying to do is replicate some data from the early 70s by separating
>ribosomal subunits from intact ribosomes on a sucrose gradient. I have the
>assay working beautifully in a SW-28 but I'm looking to drastically scale
>down. A 3 hour spin vs a 16 hour spin is also very appealing. The paper I
>have gives rpm and time for the SW-39 and I'd like to adapt it to the
>SW-55. Unfortunately, the Beckman site doesn't have a historical records
>	Thanks for any help.
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