Help! ethidium bromide accident!

D.K. dk at
Wed Nov 27 20:40:50 EST 2002

In article <O8cF9.2102$LX4.2744363 at>, "Pedro Lourenco" <pedro.lourenco at> wrote:
>I am posting this message hoping to find someone that could share the
>experience of having the skin contaminated with ethidium bromide.

I wouldn't worry at all if I were you. First, ethidium is not membrane 
permeable (there is a reason nuclei in live cell are stained by 
propidium dye!). Second, it binds proteins to some extent, so the 
traces you see are almost certainly stuff bound to your skin
protein. Third, it is really not a potent carcinogene - there is 
really no good data showing it has any carcinogeneic properteis
on in vivo level (rats drank it on the order of g/kg and were OK). 
This is most likely due to its solubility properteis and very fast 
clearance time from the organism. 

Wash your hands with plenty of liquid soap and frequently :-)


P.S. Glutathione from Calbiochem has a label warning it is
"potent carcinogene". Isn't it a tripeptide present in absolutely 
every cell???  

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