Help! ethidium bromide accident!

D.K. dk at
Thu Nov 28 11:41:50 EST 2002

In article <3DE631E6.2040506 at>, Sergio <yokese at> wrote:
>D.K. wrote:
>>  Third, it is really not a potent carcinogene - there is
>> really no good data showing it has any carcinogeneic properteis
>> on in vivo level (rats drank it on the order of g/kg and were OK). 
>Any reference about this last subject?? Just to convince some 
>ethidium-paranoic coworkers.

Sorry, no. I just recall past discussions here on the same subject.
I remember people posting refs to prove the point. 
I am sure Medline search will find a whole lot of stuff. Important
thing is to keep in mind the difference between cell vs organism levels. 


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