KLH as negative control ??

anna-karin.robertson at cmm.ki.se anna-karin.robertson at cmm.ki.se
Thu Nov 28 11:58:28 EST 2002

Negative control how? As a sample, or as the coating, or what? What kind of ELISA? You should be aware that KLH is a very large protein which forms aggregates, and this might not be what you want. It might be better trying ovalbumin or BSA instead, if you just want a normal irrelated protein (remember that serum albumin has a high homology between species...). We have had one instance where an antimouse antibody bound unspecifically to KLH.../Anna-Karin

gioiann at libero.it wrote:

> Has someone got problem with KLH (Hemocianin) as negative ELISA control ??

> http://biowww.net/mynews/tree.php?group_name=bionet_molbio_methds-reagnts&begin=0


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