Help! ethidium bromide accident!

D.K. dk at
Fri Nov 29 19:35:58 EST 2002

In article < at>, hubahopp at (Wolfgang Schechinger) wrote:
>1 year ago, I performed an extensive PubMed search to find out about the
>real toxicity of EtBr. I couldn't find anything useful. Despite that,
>mainly the companies who are selling appliances for decontamination and
>detoxification claim that EtBr was highly toxic. I do not want to abgrogate
>the potential hazard of EtBr since it binds to DNA and some people
>successfully have been using it to introduce frameshifts in PCR, so one
>should exercise care when handling the chemical, mainly when using the
>powder. Actually, EtBr is a nice chemical since if you spill it, you'll
>find it by color or at least by UV. 

Here is what appears to be a reasonably comprehensive summary:


>BTW, did anyone ever think of the fate of mutagens excreted by people who
>receive cytostatic drugs for cancer treatment? They all are going down the
>drain and nobody ever cares...
>Happy weekend,
>>I know what you mean I once overheard some coworkers obsessing about it. 
>>The language they were using would have been appropriate for an 
>>infective encysted pathogen. I wear gloves and am careful, but there is 
>>a big difference between that and obsession.

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