Measuring pH in 95% DMSO solutions?

D.K. dk at
Fri Nov 29 21:27:21 EST 2002

In article <MhQbpyDKc559EAn4@[]>, Duncan Clark <d_clark at> wrote:

>I'm not too surprised because when I look at just how much one now has 
>to learn to, purely based on how much science has moved on since I 
>graduated 25 years ago, something has to be omitted. You can't cram all 
>that extra knowledge plus practical skills into the same three years it 
>take to graduate.

I contend teaching all this new knowledge is not necessary. Cutting 
down on the physico-chemical nature of interaction between 
biomolecules in order to squeeze the latest on regulation of mRNA 
in Biochemistry course is just plain stupid. 

Kits are clearly a necessity in today's research but the advantage 
they bring comes at the expense of better education. It's got to 
the point that most new students not only dod not know how pH 
electode is calibrated, but they don't know how to use pH meter 

First things to be taught are ones that are needed most, right? 
Well, basic practical skills, thorough understanding of basic 
underlying principles, good analytical skills and healthy 
skepticism is all it takes. With regards to that, nothing 
has changed in biology in the past 20 years. 


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