Opinion on Self sterilizing incubators

bob utsuxs at hotmail.com
Fri Nov 29 22:33:30 EST 2002

I saw a couple of pamplets on self sterilizing incubators (Sanyo and
Both are heating element air heated as opposed to a water jacket.

1st question  Do the modern air heated incubators provide uniform heat
as well as the water jacketed types?

2nd question  Do these self sterilization models really work?  Does
anyone have one that can offer their opinion?  They claim to kill all
mycoplasma, fungi, yeast, and spores.  Is this true?  Leaving ab and
anti-fungal agents aside I thought you needed autoclave conditions
(125 degress celcius, > 3 atmospheres) to kill these buggers?
I doubt these incubators can achieve that.

Thank you.

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