Measuring pH in 95% DMSO solutions?

D.K. dk at
Sat Nov 30 11:00:53 EST 2002

In article <DsYF9.57$N4.11408 at>, "EK" <khatipovNO-SPAM at> wrote:
>Yeah! You are right, Wo. The important thing is does "it" work when the
>buffer is prepared this way and not the other. I always try to post here
>solutions rather than to show my erudition (which is in fact quite limited,
>exp. in chemistry :-)). I think in practice the _only_ way to pH 95% DMSO is
>to mix DMSO with the pre-adjusted water-based buffer. 

I would do exactly the same. Instead of trying to find what the pH of final mixture
precisely is, find buffer that works and describe how the solution was prepared.
"Mixing 95 volumes of DMSO with 5 volumes of 200 mM HEPES pH 7.5 
(adjucted with NaoH)" is pretty unequivocal description which lets anyone
repeat the experiement. 


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