E. coli protein after NiNTA

Peter Cherepanov peter.cherepanov at uz.kuleuven.ac.be
Thu Oct 17 15:01:21 EST 2002

Hi everybody!!!

does anyone in the world know the identity of the E. coli 70 kDa protein
that co-purifies on Ni columns?
The expression and yields of the protein I work with are not very high, so
this band becomes a very significant contamination after first

It stays bound on NiNTA at least upto 40 mM imidazol. It is not a real
problem, since it does not bind to SP sepharose, or Heparin seph, which I
use on a later stage, but I still would like to know, and would appreciate
any hint. (I recall something about heat shock proteins - can it be the
one????  HSP70????).

thanks in advance,



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