Whitmore Oil

Bernie Cohen b.l.cohen at bio.gla.ac.uk
Fri Oct 18 05:05:18 EST 2002

G & W Gurr, suppliers of stains and other reagents for histology, etc.
(later absorbed by BDH, by Merck and by VWR) used to supply this oil. My
stock is exhausted and, unexpectedly, I wish to obtain more, but have no
information about its specification. Searches for informative catalogues
have failed, hence this message. If anyone has information about this
product I will be pleased to hear from them.

Note that there is in the USA a 'Whitmore Oil company'. This company may
have been the source of Gurr's supply but, if so, they have no available
record of what was supplied. 


Bernie Cohen
Division of Molecular Genetics
University of Glasgow
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