E. coli protein after NiNTA

SerAln SerAln at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 21 08:38:38 EST 2002

> Yes, I also thought about His patches, but I don't remember seeing anywhere
> that Ni can bind a discontinuous 6his epitope. Any references for that?
> Dima's explanation sounds very plausible, too. As for Glucosamine-6-P
> Synthase, it is possible that since it has a his-rich patch, it might stick
> to say negative patches or loops on misfolded proteins. BTW, there are a
> couple of putative Ni/Fe hydrogenases reported for E.coli that might also be
> the source of contamination for IMAC.
> Emir

HAT system from clontech is based on a sequence of non-consecutive histidines. 
Take a look at their place 
(http://www.clontech.com/products/catalog02/HTML/1017.shtml) and at their 
vectors sequences (http://www.clontech.com/techinfo/vectors/catexp.shtml).

By the way, no affiliation with this company.


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