De-crosslinking DNA-protein IPs

Peter Cherepanov peter.cherepanov at
Thu Oct 24 02:10:20 EST 2002

AFAIK, formaldehyde cross-linking is the standard method in chromatin IP.
One good thing about it is reversability; it is suitable for live cells and
fast. The reactions involved are shown in:

Orlando et al. (1997) Methods, 11, 205-14.

interesting review (with information about the reversal) is also in:

Kuo and Allis (1999) Methods, 19, 425-33.

other papers I was looking at (when I was thinking of doing it myself):

Kaufman et al. (2000) PNAS, 97, 7772-7.
Treuner et al. (1998) JBC, 273, 31744-50.



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